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Summer Events you do not Want to Miss in Italy

When it comes to summertime in Italy, nothing is quite so beautiful in comparison. This gorgeous country is even more beautiful on a warm summer day. If you are lucky enough to be going to Italy this summer, or if you are lucky enough to live there, certain events are taking place that you should be sure not to miss.

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2013 South Italy Blues Connection

The 2013 South Italy Blues Connection is a three-day concert event performed by 70 of the most popular bands in the Blues genre. It takes place in Basilicata and includes artists such as:

  • Agricola Blues Band
  • BluesCrime
  • The Band Cotton
  • The Rolling Blues Band
  • The Rivali
  • Fireball
  • Black Truck
  • Slow Drags
  • The Zoo Blues Band
  • The Poor Boys

Rimini- The Pink Night

Pink Night is a large event made possible through collaboration between the city of Emilia- Romagna and its community members. This event includes concerts, theatre productions, and many other aspects that will entertain everyone who attends. It is billed as a place for people to meet and to experience music and culture together. Its various activities bring people together and help them awake a passion for the arts.

Cinque Terra

The Cinque Terra is a walking tour of the beautiful seaside villages in the town. It is a very romantic experience for any couple, regardless of how long they have been together. This tour is only open to six people at a time and includes seeing villas and castles that are absolutely breathtaking. It also includes a shopping session in the markets of Cinque Terra, as well as cooking session and stops at several restaurants.

Estate Romana Festival

The Estate Romana Festival takes place every summer in Rome. It includes movie screenings, theatre performances, art exhibitions, concerts and dance displays. Genres of music included in this festival are Jazz, Pop, Opera and Rock. This is a family friendly event and many of the shows that take place there are free.

Festa di San Giovanni

The Festa di San Giovanni is a cultural festival that takes place in Rome and includes a great deal of dancing and music. The various food stalls offer choices such as suckling pigs and snails. This event includes a candlelight procession to the Laterano Church and traditionally ends with a fireworks display.

All of these events taking place in Italy this summer offer an exciting experience for both residents and tourists alike. There are so many fun things to do in, that you could stay there an entire summer and not experience everything that you could. This beautiful country is a very popular vacation destination and many couples spend their honeymoon or a wedding anniversary in Italy. With so much culture to experience, find Italy vacations to create moments you will never forget. It can be a very exhilarating and magical.

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